October 29, 2005


Lots of random stuff has been happening recently.

At work, we are nearing feature complete on the initial version of our project. It is really nice to see, as we have been working on it for what feels like a really long time. As usual, we (Medsphere) are hiring, I think right now we are looking for a UI/HCI type person, and we are starting to look for another gtk hacker (hacker who knows gtk, not hacker who hacks on gtk). Email me if you are interested in either position.

In real life related stuff, I have moved into a new apt in Costa Mesa, it is pretty damn nice. Bought a new giant TV, and a pingpong table, so in general, not really lacking for things to waste my time with.

Also, on Friday, went to SeaWorld with my lovely internet stalker. Saw some really awesome stuff, and got some good pictures. At some point I will actually have to post a lot of pictures, but for now, here are just a couple.


Jumping penguins


Jumping whales


Evil sharks


Hungry dolphins

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October 20, 2005

Wow. Hell of a concept

Amazing, absolutely amazing.
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October 15, 2005

To my lovely internet stalker

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