July 22, 2005


About fucking time.

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July 13, 2005

Friendly reminder

Even though we are 104 days away from the start of the UNC College basketball season, I felt it was necessary to remind everyone that Duke sucks. Even though UNC lost 92.3% (or so) of its scoring from last year to its seniors and early entry players, Duke still sucks.

And MSU sucks too.

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July 12, 2005

More Cowbell, Playoff beards

Brad Taylor who happens to be the resident Super Intern at Medsphere just released Cowbell. Cowbell, other than having a great name, looks like it is a pretty good way to manage mp3 libraries. I find it especially useful, because I use my iPod for playing mp3s, but my computer for managing my mp3 library, so I don't exactly need something like RB.

This is the kind of app that C# and Mono are really killer for. Absolutely there is nothing in Cowbell that couldn't be done with another framework, but it wouldn't be fun, and therefore, it wouldn't be done. That has to be the best part of C#. It makes writing applications fun again.

I can't imagine writing the app we are writing at work in another language, I would be pulling my hair out even more than I am now ;).

On a totally unrelated subject, Brad has decided to abstain from growing a playoff beard. I am not sure that a playoff beard is actually the right term for it. We are in the middle of the end-crunch for our software product, 5 weeks away from our 'ship' date. I have decided to stop shaving completely, and call it a playoff beard, well, in my case, playoff scruff. I have been attempting to get Brad to join in this show of support, but as have been unsuccessful so far. However, I have filed a bug about it. We will see.

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