June 27, 2005

Open positions

We have two positions open at Medsphere currently.

We are now looking for a gtk+/gtk# guru to help write gtk based client applications. We want someone who understands gtk+. Understanding gtk# is less important, because lets be honest, if you are the type of person we want to hire, you could learn C# and gtk# in a week.

In addition to this, we still have a UI designer position open. Now, in a community full of back-seat HCI/UI guys, I am *amazingly* surprised that no one sent a resume. Either that, or it is true that all of the back-seat HCI/UI guys we have are really no good ;).

The UI designer position is only kinda open. We have someone in mind, and we are hoping that works out, but we are still taking resumes for both.

If you are interested in either position, send me your resume, and links to any work that you might feel is relevant. And if you have previously sent me your resume, and are still interested, please email it to me again. This time I will be making a concerted effort to at least follow up with everyone. (I have a new email filing system that will make this all better).

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June 04, 2005

Racism? not really.

Roozbeh: As much as I disagree with Google and the US Governments policies regarding this stuff (as it is short sighted, stupid, and just generally wrong), it is by no account racism. Race is something that you can't change, you are born with it, and you get stuck with it. The Google quote you have clearly says citizen, so obviously if an Iranian was a US citizen, they would be of the same race, but allowable under the Google restrictions. So, as much as saying "racism" makes a nice splash, and looks more damning, you really can't make a strong argument for it.

Although this certainly isn't racism at all, it absolutely is fucked, and I hope you can at least get Google to comply with the letter of the law, instead of its overly broad interpretation of it

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