May 26, 2005

UI Design

We here at Medsphere are looking at hiring a UI designer.

This is something that turns out to be far far harder than hiring a developer. With a developer, you can just look at his code and easily tell how good he is. It's impossible to look at a UI designer's work and objectively judge it, especially relative to what others have done. Also, most UI designers seem to be graphic artists who have done a bit of web work, unfortunately, that isn't really going to cut it in the long term for us.

We are looking to bring in a kickass UI designer with good and interesting ideas who... well.. doesn't suck. If you think you are up to it, drop me an email with (hopefully multiple) examples of your work. You would be spending a lot of time working on designing gtk+ application gui that covers existing and new functionality.

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May 20, 2005

Wiki amazingness

My boss was showing off GTDTiddlyWiki to me today. This is absolutely amazing, one of the first real java script apps I have ever seen. No server needed, all client side, absolutely amazing. This bit of software + a USB thumb drive is the best software todo list ever.

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May 19, 2005

Fie on you traffic court

California traffic court is such a scam. I got pulled over 3 weeks ago on my way to Vegas. 90 in a 70, pretty trivial (imo). The police officer in question was somewhat of a dick, apparently he thought that he had made a moving violation and a pot bust, and was sorely disappointed. Anyway!

Earlier this week I got the actual ticket in the mail, because on the spot, instead of giving you a $ value, you get a court date, and then 3 weeks later you get a bail notice in the mail so you can pay it off and skip out on a mandatory court session.

Here is where the scam starts. First, my options for paying are to 1) send a check, 2) call over the phone or 3) go online. Being who I am, I head straight to the website with my card in hand. Surprise surprise, the website isn't run by the California government at all. It is a private company, who then *charges* me a relatively large 'convenience' fee. I think almost 10% of the ticket cost. Great shit.

But wait, the court (not the private company) then gives me the option to take traffic school (inperson, correspondance, and even online) to make it so the ticket doesn't go to the DMV and then to my insurance company. This looks like a great option to take advantage of. Instead of just letting you do that, and send the court some info that you did it, they actually have the balls to charge you 30$ in order to "receive traffic school information". And by traffic school information, they mean a printed on newspaper leaflet with some phone numbers and some urls. Now, that cost is *on top* of whatever the traffic school charges you, and is 100% non-refundable. The number itself is trivial to me, but the thought of paying for the privledge to pay more money in order to not get reported to the responsible agencies seems.. well.. a bit like blackmail. This is legal apparently, as long as you do it under the guise of a traffic court.

Not that any of this really surprises me. It just sucks. Yay for a legal system that makes absolutely no sense.

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May 18, 2005

MonoDevelop 0.7

We decided to push out the MD 0.7 release. This release is all managed, has lots of new components, and is the first release with integrated Boo bindings. The boo support is very impressive, including an interactive Boo shell. This plugin comes compliments of Peter Johanson.

More information is available.

Ben "Cabroncete" Maurer has been kind enough to put together lots of packages, which should be available from

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May 11, 2005


Seth: I hope no one is in either a Mono or Java camp. Hopefully everyone is in the "lets get gnome moving / language discussions are stupid" camp. But, if I had to pick a camp, it would certainly be the "who the hell gives a shit which language is used, lets write badass applications that are easy to use in whatever tool it takes to do it" camp.

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May 06, 2005

Bad ideas in branding

Talk about an unfortunate logo design.

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May 01, 2005

I have 2 cents too, MD 0.7 soon

Havoc, you are completely right. The issue that I think everything keeps coming back to is very simple though. People who are writing the apps don't seem to want to write them in C anymore, it just isn't that exciting, and it doesn't have the same productivity. People are writing these exciting apps in C#, Java, Python, etc instead of writing them in C. Then you get down to the core issue which Edd points out. No app written in any of those 3 languages can be considered an official part of the GNOME Desktop. So you end up with all the exciting apps that use the GNOME Platform outside of the GNOME Desktop.

Personally, I see no issue with this. The GNOME Desktop works fine for me, and as time goes on, more and more of these useful Python|C#|Java apps that can't be in the official desktop release will be on every distro, so it won't matter to the end user.

I kind of think that is the point that Mikael is trying to make. GNOME as a project should focus on providing a kick-ass platform for developers to use to write all these exciting applications, and all the desktop related infrastructural bits.

Many moons ago I asked here what people felt was missing in the developement platform offered by GNOME, and the biggest responses by far were documentation and API integration. Addressing those two concerns (I think the documentation one is less than it used to be for certain things) would go a long way.

At the end of the day, the apps will do the talking, not which apis they talk to, or what language they are written in.

And speaking of voting with code, we are going to be releasing MonoDevelop 0.7 very soon. This is a very big release for us. It is the first release of MonoDevelop that includes exactly 0 lines of C. Initially we had some C for helper functions and for the docker. As gtk# matured, the helper library went away, and now the docker has been ported to C#. 0.7 also is the debut of all new solution and class pads and a brand new command system. As far as user visible changes from 0.6, there aren't a lot, but the new bits in the codebase make it much nicer to work with. Hopefully this release will be out late next week/early the week after.

Update: Havoc, a number of people have mentioned that you shouldn't let the /. trolling/misunderstanding nonsense stop you from blogging and expressing your opinion. Your opinion adds insight to the conversation, and giving in to what the trolls might want doesn't help anyone.

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