April 30, 2005

Rails is some pretty slick shit

I don't know how many of you have gotten a chance to check out Ruby on Rails yet. My boss happens to be a huge ruby fan, and unlike most CTO types, actually writes a lot of code. He has been trying to hip me to this rails stuff for months. Always thought it looked cool, but wasn't sure how useful it would be in practice. Last week, we had Tobias Lütke down in Southern California in the office. Tobias has written a fucking amazing weblog engine called Typo. The project site is very informative, and if you want to see it live in action, his blog is a perfect example. Make sure to check out the comment posting system, and the live search in the upper right hand corner.

Tobias, in one day, with rails was able to put together a webapp for us that would normally take a week at least to write. For even more coolness points, it used ajax where it made sense, and did a full postback where that made sense. It was absolutely amazing to see someone use this. Up until then, I was kinda doubtful about rails, but now I am totally sold. As far as a web application platform, I can't think of a single thing better.

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April 28, 2005

Screw Hitchhicker's

Just to clear up a potential bit of confusion. Although I did warn Glynn that HHGTG wasn't worth the time, I have yet to see it. Nor do I plan to. Screw that movie. The books were amazing, and there is just no way that this movie could come even close. I mean, the trailers didn't even have any funny lines. Good god.

Hopefully no one goes to see this piece of crap.

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April 05, 2005

Great basketball, 8bit gaming.

Hell of a game. Absolutely great to see UNC win their 4th National Championship.

In somewhat more important news. It is fucking impossible to buy an 8bit Nintendo these days. I mean fuck. Come on. Where the hell can you buy these things today?

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