March 26, 2005

Basketball, or How I had the best day all year

Quick entry here, just have to say, today was the best day all year. Duke lost, and UNC won. Sure, the UNC win was really close, and certain calls might be debated by certain sore people, but thats the game. And surely Duke has never gotten favorable calls, absolutely not to beat GT in the ACC tournament, for sure never.

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March 23, 2005

What, we release software too?

After boycotting the release process in general for a handful of months, we decided to push a MonoDevelop 0.6 release. Release notes are available here.

This release has a lot of random stuff, small bugs fixed, etc. New project formats, new completion widgetry, parser fixes, blah blah blah. There are tons of gui enhancements, and in general, it looks a lot nicer, and is easier to use. If you use MD, I recommend the upgrade.

HOWEVER. There is a neat-o subtle issue with it. You can't load gtk# 1.0 projects with it. It is due to a bit of a bug in how gtk# works. It sucks, we are working on fixing it as soon aspossible, but you should be using the 1.9.x stuff anyway ;)

Also making its debut is the MonoQuery stuff, which provides a bunch of database interaction support. I would love to say wonderful things about it here, but I really have never used it. Chris ported it over from SD a long while ago, and extended it to work with postgres, mysql and sqlite.

However, all the good stuff is still happening in SVN:

We have a brand spanking new docking widget, which is a port of the dock we were using before from C to C#. John was absolutely amazing in finishing up this port started by Jeroen and myself. We also have totally rewritten solution and class view widgets. These new widgets are the brain-child of Lluis, and they completely rock. They fix a lot of long standing issues, and are a needed step on the way to lots of cool features (revision control integration, support) and much needed bugfixes (DnD in the solution pad)

These new features in SVN less than a week after we branched for 0.6 promise to make 0.7 an even better release than any preceeding it. Hopefully we can push 0.7 close to the mono 1.2 release date.

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March 08, 2005

This is what happens...

A drunk man once said something about dogs and party hats.


Just don't do it.

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