February 19, 2005

Work. Life. Insanity.

Spent the last couple days at work playing with our gtk# application on win32. This has been an interesting experience because not only do we use your standard gtk# stuff, we also use NPlot and Gecko. Thanks to Paco's recent installers, the gecko stuff works flawlessly, and the NPlot stuff is finally starting to work. (I know NPlot works as a SWF control, but it is not as trivial to make it render into a gtk# widget on win32). Happily, a lot of progress was made. Normally I would blog a sshot, but I am not sure if I am allowed to, so instead, you get the greatest dog picture ever. better than toshok's 'cute' puppy pictures. Yes, that is her tounge. No, I don't have a clue what she was doing.


In a somewhat work related venue, I have been hacking on stetic a bit, mostly on random gui related bits, and on glade importing. Dan Winship has done a wonderful job with stetic so far, and I think in the future it will become a very useful tool for development.

It seems recently that all I do is work, and then sleep. I try to factor in a little bit of time for eating, but even that has had to slide a bit recently. Given our new (refreshingly insane) product goal, I don't see this changing anytime soon. Hopefully soon I will find some time to do the things I enjoy in life, but I'll be damned if I can even remember what they are. I think my current life goal is to quit programming by 27 and start a bar, or pass the bar, or maybe just sleep for 6 hours straight. One of the 3 has to be attainable. Maybe all 3. Only time will really tell, but I know between now and August 15th, the only thing I can think about other than work, is work. Yay for being a mindless drone. Cog in the machine. <insert random bit of bs 'independant thinking' here>.

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February 03, 2005

work. smoke. work.

Starting to attempt to quit smoking. Evilness. Lots of evil. I can't tell if I really want a cigarette or if I just don't want anyone else to have a cigarette either. Sigh. Working from home today, because the thought of the office, and people, makes me feel more violent than normal.

And speaking of work. We are looking to hire an experienced gtk application developer. You would be working fulltime on creating a gtk# application. While knowledge of C# would be a plus, knowledge of gtk+ is what we are really hiring. C# shouldn't take anyone more than a week (tops) to learn. We are looking to hire something who is willing to learn new things (C#, Ruby, HL7, to name a few), is legally able to work in the US, and will be willing to relocate to Southern California (This last one is somewhat flexible).

Feel free to email me your resume if you are interested. If possible, including screenshots of some of your interesting/good gtk+ work (if you have any) would be helpful.

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