January 06, 2005

Managed TrayIcon

Got bored this evening and sick of hearing people ask about the egg trayicon, so I decided to implement it in completely managed code, free of a libegg or glue library dependency.


The code is available here.

Build it with "mcs -pkg:gtk-sharp TrayIcon.cs". However, there are two relatively large bits of code unported from the C libegg tray icon, and it hasn't been tested at all outside of my little testing. If you get a DllNotFound exception about gdk-x11-2.0, make sure you install the appropriate -devel packages.

I will be talking to Mike about putting this into gtk# somewhere and finishing it up and cleaning it a bit (like removing the -devel requirement) so we can get a nice new widget in gtk# 2.0

Posted by tberman at 07:27 AM

January 02, 2005

New years, flesh eating robots

Had a good new years eve. Jackson and I went up to LA to the Knitting Factory to see some punk show. I despise listening to recorded punk, most likely one of my least favourite genres of music. However, seeing live punk has always been one of my favourite types of shows to go to. And insanely tatooed cute punk rock chicks are always fun to hang out with.

I took a couple horrible pictures with my camera phone, which I wont bother to post here as they are that horrible. I can't wait for the day when my phone can have a nice 2 or 3 megapixel camera that I can use for taking fun pictures when we are out at the bar. For some reason, the idea of bringing my Canon DSLR out drinking with us sounds like a horribly bad idea.

This morning, I found a news item that makes me smile. Flesh eating robots are exactly what the world needs. I can't wait for the arrival of our robotic overlords.

Posted by tberman at 08:15 PM