September 26, 2004


A Perfect Circle has a new album coming out on the 2nd of Nov. It looks to have one original song, one remix, and 8 covers of various artists. I heard the Imagine cover on the radio the other day, and was quite pleased. The entire album looks like it will be pretty good. They are also putting out a DVD 2 weeks later, which should be good as well.

So. When you go out to vote (which we all know you are doing on the 2nd), go swing by your local record store and pick up a copy.

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September 23, 2004

0.5.1 delayed, but now out.

We rolled a 0.5.1 tarball a month or so ago, and finally built packages and decided to push it. You can snag it here and you can grab packages from the normal culprits in the normal places.

This release is old, and kinda weird. It has some random bugfixes, especially for some of the ugly crashers people might have encountered. Go nuts, file bugs, etc.

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September 21, 2004

Yay for driving deaths

Finally, a grassroots campaign I can get behind!

Got this wonderful email this morning, made my day just a *bit* brighter.

>   There are less than two months until the election, an election that
>   will decide the next President of the United  States. The man
>   elected will be the president of ALL Americans, not just the
>   Democrats or the Republicans.
>   To show our solidarity as Americans,  let's all get together and
>   show each other our support for the candidate of  our choice.
>   It's time that we all came together, Democrats and Republicans alike.
>   If you support the policies of John Kerry, please drive with your
>   headlights 'ON' during the day.
>   If you support President George  W. Bush, please drive with your
>   headlights 'OFF' at night.
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Pirate Hacker

Ever wonder what Jackson Harper does when he isn't hacking on Windows.Forms? Well, now you know.

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September 20, 2004


Jeff: Soon. Very soon.

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Fucking Liberal Hippies

I am not a fucking liberal hippie, thank you very much.

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September 18, 2004

Naming the real name.

Clarkbw: Loved the blog entry about find. However, searching for Mr. S. Norpolis should return 0 relevant results, as his name is Mr. S. Norpopolis. Also, he is not a YAMP developer, he is the YAMP mastermind, kingpin, and overload of all things YAMPY.

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September 17, 2004

Top 22 Reasons to vote for George W. Bush

Although these are numbered, they are in no particular order.

  1. You wake up in November hating the entire world.
  2. You always wanted to move to Canada, and the draft could be just the impetus you needed.
  3. You determine the leader of America based on how good they look in a fireman's hat.
  4. You need to know just how long his administration can go before it turns Powell into it's latest scapegoat.
  5. You want to see just how high this deficit can get before someone in the White House admits we have a problem.
  6. You can't get enough of that wacky National Security Advisor's latest hijinks.
  7. You live in Florida, because you figure if your vote isn't going to count, you might as well vote for the predetermined winner.
  8. Your hope that maybe if he wins this time, his father will jump out of the plane without a parachute this time.
  9. Another four years of neo-conservatives can't be worse than the first four.
  10. You think future presidents doing cocaine at Camp David is totally a good idea, and want to make sure Bush's daughters get more chances to prove how 'presidential' they can be.
  11. For some reason, the youth of America has always bothered you, and you would like to see more of their innocent lives lost in a pointless conflict.
  12. After 4 years of wonderfully funny flash animations, you have no idea how you can spend 8 hours at work without humour at George Bush's expense.
  13. He may have caused most of the rest of the world to lose what little respect it still had for America, but at least he didnt sleep with his intern.
  14. If George Bush is good enough for Jesus, he is good enough for you.
  15. You live in Tennessee, just got your thumbs, are relatively unsure how to use them, and missed the button to vote Yes on Prop 742 - Alien Sterility/Dentistry Program (Homage to the late master of comedy).
  16. Baby killing is good. Jodie Foster told you so.
  17. Pat Buchanan isn't running and you want the next best thing. Helms/Buchanan in 08!
  18. You are scared shitless.
  19. You are unable to resist the temptation to vote for Dick/Bush...
  20. Dick Cheney promised to show you his underground lair.
  21. Only thing better than one car wreck is two car wrecks.
  22. You were born mentally retarded.

I could have come up with more, but I got lazy and decided to blog as is.

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September 16, 2004


I have 4 gmail acconts to give away. First 4 emails people to email me (tberman at off dot net) with the answer to the following question win.

Who said "Leaving nothing but a cool beautiful serenity called.... Arizona Bay"? This is in honor of my new sunny home which seems pretty cool so far.

Update: I thought I had 4, turns out I have 6, but 2 have been given already.

Update: All gone.

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2.A + YAMP == The Win

I think (and the masterful clee agrees) that the next gnome release should be numbered 2.A

Also, the multitalented Mr S. Norpopolis is working on YAMP again. He plans to get it included in the 2.A release.

So yay for YAMP and yay for 2.A

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September 11, 2004

Irony, of the dramatic sort.

Since arriving here in Southern California a week ago, I haven't had a chance to buy a car yet. So I have been borrowing my bosses car to run around and set up the appt, and other things. I noticed pretty early on that it has a Bush/Cheney 04 bumper sticker. Sigh. I can hear the crying seals every time that car starts up. My boss has offered to sell me that car, which I am thinking of doing, just to liberate it from that horrible sticker.

This city is very interesting. I realized that in the week I have been here, I have yet to see a thrift store or a laundromat.

The best news I heard all week however, was that I managed to rent a place very near (like 100 meters) to a bar. Unfortunately, judging by the rest of the town, it is most likely a bar where the waitress will apologize to you when you 'accidentally' grab her ass, and the only beverage on the menu is port.

Ross: The problem is that no amount of anti-Bush protests will change the fact that middle america seems to love this guy. He puts on a fireman's hat, and they fawn. And as much as I hate him, his policies, and his cronies, I do have to admit he does a great job in the office of President. The whole goal of a first term President is to gain the second term. In fat times, it is relatively easy (Clinton). However, when the country is in the midst of a economic downturn, it isn't as easy. The fact that Bush is even in this race proves how 'Presidential' he is. It is all about being a magician with smoke and mirrors, and he seems to be working the parlor tricks pretty well.

A couple of people have emailed me asking how I think Kerry would be a better President. Let me set the record straight on that one. I don't think Kerry will be a better President, I just know that it is impossible that he will be worse than Bush. I am anti-Bush, not pro-Kerry.

Now. Here is the part where I get angry emails. So please, after reading this next bit, if you want to send me an angry email, don't, because I have already gotten 20 from people who read this and did anyway.

I turned on the news this morning. Notice my lack of surprise that every station was broadcasting stuff about 9/11. Right after 9/11 occurred you saw a huge outpouring of patriotism. Everywhere you went, more than half the cars had American flags on them. I called these people 'flaggots'. Where was their patriotism on 9/10? Why did it take thousands of people dead to bring out their national spirit? If you love your country, you need to love it when it does bad shit, when it does good shit, and when both bad and good shit happen to it. To me, that outpouring of faux-patriotism is like marrying the girl you just got pregnant. The only thing that bothered me more than the birth of the flaggots was the neo-McCarthyism that occured surrounding the concept of 'American', and 'unAmerican'. Anyone (Bill Maher) expressing a belief that didnt play nice with the faux-patriotism was cut down at the knees for being unamerican.

And again, before you send me emails about how unAmerican what I just wrote is, realize that what I just wrote was far more American than putting a flag on your car and voting for the status quo. America is all about people being able to say whatever they want, whenever they want about whoever they want, even if it makes you scream to hear them say it. It isn't easy, but if you want to pretend that this is a 'land of the free' you need to be able to respect that everyone has a right to say what they want to say. You don't have to agree, you just have to respect my right to say it.

I wonder if FDR attempted to ride the backs of dead soldiers in Pearl Harbor into his next term of office. Not a history professor, but I really doubt it. Sigh. Damn state sanctioned baby killing.

Update: Amended my use of the word 'respect' to be less ambiguous

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September 08, 2004

Responding to a Response

Steve Mentzer sent me a very well written response to my blog entry. I wanted to respond to some of the points he brings up here. Hopefully any quotes I attribute to him will not be taken out of context. Steve, if they are, please email me and I will add what you think is the correct context to make it representative.

Steve points out that I blog about 'facts' relating to anti-Bush. I don't. I never have, and I never will. 'Facts' are meaningless. I blog my opinion on anything, if its George Bush, or mono, or whatever. I honestly couldn't care about 'facts' because anyone can make any situation prove whatever he feels it should to make his point. 'facts' are not my intent. Voicing my opinion is my intent. Its like using stuff from CVS, when it breaks, you get to keep both pieces.

Steve writes:

However, I *do* believe that the 'war on terror', which I agree to be a poor choice of words, is absolutely necessary.... but possibly in a different context.

Yes, I can understand why you would feel that the 'war on terror' is necessary. However, that belief is incumbent on your belief in American imperialism. I happen to be a huge follower of the Monroe Doctorine, and part of me wishes we had stayed a nice isolationist country. Who appointed us the peacekeepers of the world? I hope we didn't, and I doubt anyone else has. And if you remove American imperialism you remove a lot of what makes the terrorists 'hate' America. Now, I don't blame George W. Bush, or the other one, or Republicans or anyone group or person in specific for American imperialism. And removing George Bush from the white house will not immediately (or potentially ever) stop this. That is how it is today, but I don't think it was the right decision. Yay for isolationism. Yay for Monroe.

Steve also says:

The key difference is that educated U.S citizens are not bound by strict religous dogma that sentences them to death and eternal damnation for counter-culture beliefs.

Really? Because I have met many many educated U.S. citizens bounded by Christian religious dogma that sentences them to death and eternal damnation for counter-culture beliefs. Homosexuality anyone? Abortion much? Education has no bearing on being stupid.

These people know nothing more than what they have seen in their lives. They do not know the benefits of advanced medicine and technology. They do not know the luxury of abundant electricity, food and water that all americans take for granted. Their own religous leaders often do not want these influences. They would represent a deviation from the islamic belief system, and would threaten the purist culture they strive to achieve.

Woh there buddy. This is where you cross the line for me. The minute you tell someone else that you know better than them, you are a fascist. Plain and simple. Maybe these people like their lives. Have you spoken to them? Talked to them? Asked? No. Imposing your belief structure, be it social, religious, or anything else is fucked. Pure and simple fucked. Sure, I love the all those things about America (Remember, I'm not anti-american. I'm anti-Bush, anti-baby eating and anti-stupid). That doesn't make it the 'right' way, and it *absolutely* doesn't make it the only way.

As long as religous extremism and violence is being rewarded in middle-eastern culture, these people will have no hope.

What about religious extremism and violence in western culture. The only religious based violence I could accept would be Ralph Reed's spleen on a spike on top of some tall building. Fuck that guy. Prolifers blowing up abortion clinics and killing abortion doctors is now acceptable because they read your bible, follow your faith, and come from western culture? Not in my book.

The bottom line is that 'peace through a gun' is a fallacy. And I believe we can all agree to it.

Yes. Absolutely. But so is peace. When was the last time in the history of the world that the human race was at peace even on the international level. I don't like that. But I do accept it as the reality. It sucks, but its what is going on.

These people are clearly incapable, unwilling or afraid of overthrowing their leaders and moving forward. That is where the U.S. can provide assistance.

Fuck yeah, I need to get my secret Iraqi national decoder ring so I can get these memos. Your ability to decide how an entire nation of people you have never met feel astounds me. Is this something you get when you reach some degree in Freemasonry? What do I have to do to get this super power?

As much as the zealots would like us to believe it, the U.S. military occupation in Iraq is one of defense. We are not agressively rooting out rebel strongholds without cause. We are simply trying to defend the core infrastructure that will eventually promote and support the ideals of a new nation.

Defense? Dude, a war of occupation is never fought in defense.

Anyway, felt like I had to respond somewhat openly, because some of the points were at least well articulated. Thanks for your time, and remember, a vote for Bush is *still* a vote for baby eating fascism. Yay!

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War on Abstractions

This morning I was watching a combination of MSNBC and CNBC (the hotel I am staying in doesnt get CNN, and I refuse to watch Fox News). I realized that there is a lot of rhetoric being shoved about regarding the 'War on Terror'. Now, last time I checked, Terror is a somewhat abstract concept, at least if you are going to try and war on it. It's not like warring against a nation, or a group of people, its basically an idea.

I am somewhat reminded of the last Republican sponsered war on an abstract, you might have heard of it, the 'War on Drugs'. Anyone recall how that one turned out? As one of the great political pundits of modern time once said (and bonus points if you know who, free cookie, etc) 'There is a war on drugs going on, and the people on drugs are winning it'. If you can't beat a bunch of junkies and potheads (Note: no implication that doing drugs makes you a bad person or a junkie. Drugs can be all good and fine, depends on who you are and your situation) what hope do you have against well armed, well funded, fanatically devoted terrorists?

I was checking out Bill Maher's new show last night on HBO, and he said something that made me think. He said 'Killing Osama bin Laden will have the same effect on terrorism that Ray Kroc dying had on McDonalds. The franchises are already out there. You don't need him to sell any more hamburgers.'

Winning a guerrilla war is very difficult. Winning a guerrilla war on foreign soil is even more difficult. And winning a guerrilla war against people we trained to fight it, on foreign soil, with masses of fanatical troops is a total lost cause. Why bother fighting it?

And if we are going to start fighting wars on abstract concepts, how about we start with the important ones, like say, the War on Poverty, or the War on Hunger. Lets spend 200 billion dollars feeding people instead of shooting them. I know that sounds all left liberal tree hugger granola eating hippie, but it is just true. Why waste all this money killing people when you could spend even part of it feeding people?

So, remember. On Nov 2nd, a vote for George Bush is a vote for baby killing and seal clubbing. And everyone likes cute babys and seals.

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Finally in California. In the process of getting an appt, etc, etc. *lots* of fun. The usual bank fuckery has been continuing. They love to charge you for their own fuckups and make your life more difficult. Yay for a 'modern' banking system.

Getting here I decided to take a bus for a couple reasons. First and foremost, I despise flying. Then I realized that a bus trip would allow me to see a lot of the country that I had never seen before. Most importantly, the rockies. All in all, the bus trip was excellent, and I loved every minute of it. The rockies were spectacular, absolutely amazing. Anyone living in or near the US who has yet to drive through them needs to make sure to do so at some point.

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September 03, 2004

RE: XMLTerm, Ethereal.

Luis: Yeah, I have seen it. Unfortunately, it isn't 100% XUL, so it wont provide any xcopy type deployment. That isn't a huge deal, but it also doesn't run on windows, which is a huge deal. It also appears to be somewhat deprecated (not sure), and I need to be able to embed this terminal in another XUL app as well as using it standalone. I tried to see how possible it would be to adapt it to my needs, but this ends up being a lot better, and I got to a usable point a lot faster.

On another topic, does anyone know how to get ethereal on windows to give a loopback device like it does on linux? I love ethereal, and would like to be able to use it under windows as well as linux, but the inability to sniff the loopback device is kinda killer for me.

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September 02, 2004

Moving, Pictures.

Been very very busy recently with work, and getting ready to move (finally).

I have been working on a 100% XUL ansi x3.64 terminal emulator + telnet fu for work. We are looking to provide some tools w/ our platform, and I have been evaluating using XUL for the tools. I figured that the hardest thing to write in XUL would be a terminal emulator, so if I was able to get it working properly, then everything else should be cake.

After a bit of hacking, I was able to get most of the functionality working, just have to work a bit on mouse selection, and some more on scrolling. Note: The picture is lying to you, there is no java involved in this. It's all C# for the telnet server and interpreter backend, and XUL for the frontend. The app works perfectly on windows, as on linux, so everything is looking good.


By the way, this owns snorp's lame rug sshot. blah on rug :)

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