June 30, 2004

1.0 Finally

Mono 1.0 was pushed today. So everyone go download it, and start hacking. Also, we released a new version of MonoDevelop (0.5) to go along with the new Mono release.

This release process was a lot nicer than the beta1 process, which I think will go down in history as the most evil release ever.

Now that 0.5 is out the door, I can (while I can still afford to not be working) embark on my no-longer-so-secret crusade, also known as 'Break Everything'. We have lots of good ideas planned for 0.6 and later, but to get there, we have to rework a lot of the existing stuff. So don't be surprised if stuff that should be working is kinda working, and this process might take a handful of days. My goal is to maintain at the very least a buildable application, everything else is bonus points.

Seriously though, there will be some breakage, but it shouldn't be too bad, don't be shy about reporting it.

In other semi-related news, I checked my bank balance today, and have gone prematurely grey. Looks like I am going to have to start looking for a job a lot sooner than I thought, which just sucks.

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Messing around

Phil (who works for a not-to-be-named evil empire) emailed me about writing panel applets in C#, so I decided to see how feasible it was. Within a small amount of time I was able to get together this test.


So, its feasible.

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June 26, 2004

things to do

I spent some time over the last couple of days findng all my different random todo lists and notes scattered around the place. After throwing out old bar napkins with haikus written on then, I managed to put together a list of some todo items that I would like to see completed for monodevelop. I am going to try and keep that page relatively up to date, and will make a bit of noise here if I make any major changes.

This makes me think a trip to montreal should also be on that todo list. Very very much so.

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June 21, 2004


Ran across a nice little blog article about using MD from the perspective of a VS.NET user. It is an interesting piece, and it brings up some good info for someone looking for a starting point with gtk#.

The blog itself seems to have a category for articles about this subject, so it is surely a space to watch.

The only issue I have with the blog at all is that he advocates the use of the GtkFixed layout stuff, which is just not good. Although this may be what longtime VS.NET users can relate to, its just not right. Love the box model, it loves you back, I swear it.

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June 18, 2004

article, other things

An article came out today that talks about MonoDevelop, and how generally awesome it is ;)

It is a pretty good read, and it has some nice things to say about what we are trying to do, with the MonoDevelop project, and the Mono project as well.

In related news, 0.5 will be a wonderful release, which is good, as its timed with Mono 1.0. We have gotten into place a lot of bugfixes, including fixing the undo bug that kept many of you up late at night crying, and cursing my name.

Also, we have been doing a fair amount of work transitioning the unmanaged gdl-dock with a C# wrapper to a totally managed widget (well, up until gtk# hits gtk+). So far we have made some pretty good progress, dragging is working, there are some minor issues still though. It will not be used in 0.5 regardless of its stage of completion at release, as it hasn't been tested near enough, and still is missing serialization support.

As far as new features post 0.5, my list so far includes: A better template system (both file, project, and code), I plan on looking at whats going on in #D currently, and in other IDEs as well. A new keybinding system that will allow you to bind actions to keybindings. I am not sure when these items will get started/completed/pushed in, but they are on the list.

I am thinking that maybe it makes sense for me to post my long TODO list somewhere and see what people are interested in. Maybe I will get around to doing that soon.

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June 15, 2004

Free at last

Just finished my final day at my current (old?) job. These last two weeks have been crazy with quitting, and some other stuff going on in my personal life. It's nice to finally have a bit of free time, hopefully I wont spend it all looking for a new job.

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June 02, 2004

0.4 release, beta 2, mmm

Pushed 0.4, get more info here

This matches up with the beta2 release, and other fun stuff. It is really much much nicer than anything else we have put out. This is actually useful, and usable software. Of course, there are lots of bugs, so file them if you dont want to see them again in 0.next.

I have been way too busy with real life things and real work recently, so 0.4 doenst contain everything I want, but its still a solid release. Unfortunately, 0.next wont contain everything I want either (as slipping now, means slipping later), but what can one do.

As I mentioned in my last entry, Mike Shaver somehow got me installing thunderbird. I have since decided he did this totally for his own evil purposes, as I have since filed two patches for issues I couldn't deal with, and am inspecting some others. Working with code outside of mono/monodevelop is always an adventure, especially when you work with something as unusual as xul+xbl+js. Very interesting.

As someone who i've recently become friends with might say 'Fascinating in fact. Very fascinating.'

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