May 29, 2004

stuff, gacability, thunderbird, etc

Long time, no bloggin for me. I have been a bit busy getting a lot of stuff in the real world in order, and devoting the rest of my time to mono (what little ive had).

Lluis (WebServices, Remoting mono hacker) checked in an amazing patch. Right now 0.4 is going to be a seriously kickass release. Our memory requirements are lower than they have ever been in the history of MonoDevelop. The startup time is faster, everything is better. I gush when I speak of this patch, it is almost disturbing how happy it makes me.

Tonight, I have been playing with thunderbird a bit. It is a very amazing product considering its immaturity. Of course, I have a handful of issues with it, but all in all, I am very impressed (and yes, I know a lot of the core code is old and not immature, but I'm speaking mostly of the UI code). Tomorrow I might blog a bit about a couple of the issues I have with the UI and maybe I will even file them on their bugzilla. ;)

Finally, the gac is something that people seem to be starting to play with in the last week or so. I can not stress enough that just because your assembly ends in .dll means it needs to go into the gac. In fact, 99.9% of the time, it doesnt have to, and shouldnt.

Here is a good rule of thumb. Does anyone else use your assembly? if no, dont gac, use the applications AppBase, if yes, gac, but think *really* hard before doing so.

and im going to stop ranting about it a bit here ;)

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May 14, 2004


Spent some time today hacking on something I have wanted to be able to do from C# for a while, and am now able to do.

You can now implement custom TreeView CellRenderers completely in C#. The code to do so, and a sample Renderer have been checked into gtk-sharp's cvs.

Here is the quick port of some c code I found around for the sample. It needs some work to look real nice, but its pretty cool regardless.

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May 11, 2004


Erik: I read your blog, never skip it... Someone else, who is fond of large acrostic poems I'm not so sure about...

On the subject of acrostic poetry, Jackson, in his latest blog entry brings up some interesting use cases. Devising a solution to solve the problems for all of them will be interesting.

In other news, Erik Dasque is looking for a gmail account, someone hook him up.

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May 05, 2004


(19:42:31) Todd: So, for mothers day are you gonna go visit your mom in jail?
(19:42:41) jackson - diggin for fire: yeah of course

The frightening thing, is that he could.

Update: Since I removed comments, jackson would like to comment a bit here:

(19:54:03) jackson: i just wanted to mention that they probably wouldn't let me in the prison

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May 04, 2004

MonoDevelop 0.3 release

Woo, finally out the door.

Release notes are up here and all the info appears to be correct (I hope).

Detailed installation instructions are available here

Have at, report bugs, and enjoy.

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May 03, 2004

A needle dragged across the record slowing down

enough said

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May 01, 2004


Spent most of the evening last nigh and the morning today debugging and fixing pieces of the gac.

Now we are able to build/run/etc MD with just mscorlib.dll in /usr/lib/

That means that not only is the gac working for mono itself, but that gtk-sharp, gtk-sourceviewsharp, gecko-sharp and monodoc are all using the gac where appropriate.

It is nice to see this stuff finally coming together.

This also means it is time for all you third party library writers to start using the gac, and stop cluttering up /usr/lib. Come on, you know you want to.

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