April 30, 2004


Got the GAC working in MD, now instead of listing all your librarys in $prefix/lib to fake a gac, we actually probe the gac and return all the assemblies in it. Our upcoming 0.3 release (next week) will feature said functionality.

Been working more on the Makefile stuff. I am attempting to grow this system organically using the conversations miguel and I had on the list as a guide. Right now its a useless system in general because it just builds one Makefile.projectname for each project in a solution. There is no guiding makefile generated by the solution to properly setup the build, and no way to do a 'make install' yet. All of this is coming soon, hopefully before 0.3, but more realistically before 0.4. As I said earlier, we wont be replacing the old build system with this new one until either 0.4 or 0.next.

In writing this build system, I have noticed how crappy parts of our project/solution setup is. It is really not intuitive to get the files placed where they make sense. I think part of the big change from 0.3 -> 0.4 will be making that system make sense by default.

In other, totally non-related news, I checked out trow's new indexer, 'dewey'. It looks pretty cool, really fast, and seems like it has huge potential.

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April 28, 2004

building insanity

Writing a build system sucks. Writing a build system sucks a lot in fact.

However, John Luke aka jluke rocks.

He even writes documentation. So send him an email and tell him how much you think he rocks.

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April 26, 2004

Releases, news, etc.

Now that Miguel has posted the mono release schedule I can post a bit more MD based info.

We will be releasing for both beta 1 and beta 2 (our releases 0.3 and 0.4 releases). Packages for 0.3 may be released at some point between beta 1 and beta 2, however beta 1 will not include packages on the 4th.

Our 0.3 release will have real GAC support and the beginnings of our new build system. For this release I am going to try and get as much in as is possible, and then we will include a menuitem for generating makefiles. For 0.4 we will have fixed all the wonderful bugs filed on the 0.3 menuitem and replace the build system default with the new stuff. However the old build system will still be accessible for any projects that dont work with the new build system.

0.next (the one tied to the mono 1.0 release, as yet unnumbered) will most likely still include the legacy build system, just to support strange *strange* configurations, but hopefully it can be removed after that.

In other news, found this interesting project on slashdot that uses MD. Very cool... very very cool.

Back to hacking

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April 24, 2004

Your such an inspiration just isnt close enough so I can smell you

Jackson: As the title explains, Maynard, while being amazing, is not the whole band. APC is severly kickass, but Tool is in a league of their own. FULL STOP

Anyway, got bored last night, and needed a break from makefiles and MD and ack ack ack. Peter Bartok was around in #mono, so I decided to see what was happening in the SWF world. Before I knew it, he and I had hacked up a couple ugly bugs, one with the menus and one with creating a new form and showing it. Very interesting to see the other side of the gui toolkit world. Very interesting indeed.

Working on implementing the new build system for MD is painful, but rewarding. I am looking to land something in svn soon (though might be a bit longer if the SWF bug keeps biting), however this is prolly going to break some peoples build setups and will require lots of testing and whatnot to get working completely.

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April 22, 2004


As jackson has been so kind to point out in multiple forums (The others being irc, msn, etc) I was not able to go to a pixies show across the continent. If the pixies stay together long enough to make their late november date in toronto (and I am still here), you will be sure that I will be there.

However, I have no problems sleeping at night, because although I missed a pixies show, jackson has never seen Tool live, and I have had the pleasant fortune of seeing them live many times.

Frank Black is cool, but Maynard absolutely wins

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April 17, 2004

blog spam is the devil

After waking up and seeing 10 blog spam comments in my inbox, I decided to take the plunge and disable comments on my blog.

This kind of crap is just a hassle to deal with, and not a good use of anyone's time. I think blog spammers are as low on the food chain as email spammers, maybe even lower.


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April 15, 2004

This one is work safe, I swear it

The conference was very cool. Erik gave an excellent talk, and showed off his fine glade skills. The man is truely a modern day wizard.

Nat's keynote was very excellent, had a lot of funny pieces, and a great timeline of the linux desktop. It is amazing to see the progress that has been made, truely amazing.

Been slacking on the MD front, hoping to kick into high gear over the next little bit, as I got some good ideas and some stuff that needs fixing (read: menus, toolbars).

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April 14, 2004

Fan mail

Some days you wake up and check your email, some days you wish you didn't


Some of you may recognize Jackson Harper, some of you won't.

All of you should be scared

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April 10, 2004

Return of the eyecandy

After a while fixing bugs from the 0.2 release, I decided that I needed a release, and that it was time to code in a quick fun feature. I decided that nice looking xcode feature where the rest of the code completion string shows up, but greyed out would be fun to do. After a bit of hacking, here we have it:


Anyway, just figured I'd show off something interesting.

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April 07, 2004

I feel especially upbeat

For some reason I feel very happy today, who knows why. The last week or so has been very rough for me, there is some troubling stuff going on at work, and in general. Close family and friends all getting really sick in a short timespan is really just not cool.

Anyway, with regards to the editor speculation, and a couple emails I have received over it, code reuse has won again. We have decided to stick with the gtksourceview based editor for the future. There are numerous reasons, all good, and in the end, better than any benefits we might have gotten from renewing the managed port effort.

I almost had a heart attack last night. There I was hacking, listening to some music, when all of a sudden a song ended, and no new music came out of the headphones. After a bit of investigation it appeared the iPod was frozen?!? After a couple minutes I figured out how to reset it, but let me tell you, those were some long minutes ;)

In other completely unrelated news (I seem to be bouncing all over today), I think Nat's most recent evolution usability suggestion would seriously be the greatest thing short of a fully functional copy/paste implementation that could ever hit the linux desktop.

I have been running through MD the last little bit fixing little usability bugs. There seem to be a lot of them, at least that I've found. So again, here is my standard plea, I am not putting up with crappy ui, so if something in MD seems to require too many clicks, or could work better, or just doesnt seem right, or anything, please file a bug.

Have been toying around with the idea of adding an option panel to our options dialog that allows customizable editor keys. Right now we have a handful of functions (Delete line, Trigger code completion, etc) that are hard bound to a specific key setting. Not only are these keybindings not really documented anywhere, they are also not for everyone. Some way to list, and change them would be kinda cool. I am envisioning a ui similar to the one used by the gnome keyboard shortcut capplet. Not sure if/when I will get to this, but its something kicking around in my head.

And as a final note, dkor, where are you dude? We need you back!

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April 04, 2004

source editors

Recently I have been considering bringing back the managed source editor we have in MD. It needs a lot of work, especially in the areas of performance, mouse handling and scrolling, but I think with some hacking, it can be made to work really well.

There are a couple reasons for this thinking. First of all, the one piece of MonoDevelop that defines it is the source editor. I mean, all the bells and whistles are just cruft if your editor doesnt do what you need it to. Now, gtksourceview does what we need, and we have been able to extend it to do a lot of the other stuff we want it to do. However we have no control over it, and having no control over the primary piece of your application is a thorny situation. The gtksourceview guys are great, and the library is wonderful, but the ability to fix bugs and then release MD with the bugfixes is pretty damn important.

I have yet to really make a decision one way or the other, but it is absolutely on my mind.

More gettextification... introduced a fatal bug into compilation/running doing so (thanks for catching it lluis!). I have basically finished the base assembly and am now doing the source editor assembly. And I found that we can easily add translation to our addin xml files by renaming them to whatever.addin.xml and changing the parser to accept _label instead of label. Which is really really good news. Havnt tested if it will work yet, but my hopes are high, gettext seems to do a pretty damn good job.

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April 02, 2004

When hackers attack

Couldn't sleep last night (tonight? today? who knows?), so I decided to finally attend to one of the big large TODOs on the MonoDevelop list. Convert our i18n from the .net resx stuff to gettext. After some emailing back and forth with Jorn (muine developer), I finally had a plan of attack. Copied some stuff from muine, hacked it into our framework, got things looking like they might work. Then I realized I had no clue at all how to even generate one of these mystical .po files. Found a wonderful gnome doc co-written by Telsa Gwynne and Dafydd Harries that helped me out on that front. Finally got a .pot file generated that contained Both translate-able data from a csharp source file and a glade file. It was somewhat rewarding, although I must say I cursed gettext a lot.

Now MonoDevelop has a en_CA translation with only two modifications currently, 'New Combine' now says 'New Combine, eh?' and "About MonoDevelop" now says... well.. you get the picture. For some reason lame jokes about canadian accents will never get old to the temporarily relocated american in me.

I have started to go through our codebase and convert it from that horrible resx i18n stuff to the much simpler and far easier to maintain gettext library. So far I only have 163 msgid's available for l10n, but I would expect that number to explode over the next couple days.

Since the mono project doesnt really have a translation team at all, I am trying to figure out the easiest way to get MonoDevelop translated. I think I am going to see if I can somehow put a .pot file onto gnome's cvs and see if some of their absolutely *amazing* translation staff will take a crack at it. It surely wont be for the meek, as I assume when it is over its going to contain a *huge* amount of strings for translation. Who knows though, we will have to see whats possible once all the existing strings that are there are setup properly.

So far, the MonoDevelop 0.2 release seems to be pretty good. Bunch of bug reports have been filed, but we need more. If MonoDevelop does anything you think it shouldn't, please file a bug, otherwise, how will we know to fix it? (seems obvious, but for some reason it doesnt seem to happen that way all the time)

I really should be sleeping, but for some reason that doesnt seem to be in the cards for this evening... anyway, back to setting up i18n for MonoDevelop.

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April 01, 2004

MonoDevelop 0.2 released

MonoDevelop 0.2 has been released. Packages should follow on the redcarpet mono channel as soon as they are ready.

To build and install MonoDevelop 0.2 you will need:

You will also need mozilla-devel (or your distro's equivalent) and a mono/mcs 0.31 installation. For execution purposes, you should have a copy of xterm installed.

Again, RPMS will be appearing in the mono red-carpet channel as soon as they are ready.

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