January 26, 2004


People have been asking me how to helpout with MD, so here is a great list from one of the #mono regulars and a MD developer, jba

  • sign up to monodevelop-list so you know who's doing what
  • watch the list for posts of who's doing what
  • go through the missing menus text file in the svn trunk, it has a whole bunch of menu items that haven't been ported
  • use the HIG and GLADE to port any particular missing dialog you choose
  • mail the mailing list which one you are doing, so we don't duplicate effort

In other news, I got a bit of spare time and checked into CVS a simple soap.tcp WSE2 messaging example. I had forgotten how much I enjoy playing with the Messaging stuff in WSE2

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Just as an update

To cut off anymore angry/questioning emails before I get flooded with them, Ben is not saying in his blog that MonoDevelop will loose code-complete, or any of the other features its text editor has. He and I have talked about this to such a length it should nauseate both of us ;) and we have an understanding, there will be no major feature regressions caused by this changeover. So rest assured this is going to be good for the users as well as the developers. Anyway, just thought I would address that publicly instead of in numerous personal emails :)

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January 24, 2004

Folding like an envelope

Been a bit of time since my latest blog entry, I'll try and hit the high notes real fast

MonoDevelop: Damn this app kicks some serious ass. We have completed porting about 90% of the base stuff. Obviously some of the bells and whistles like a gtk# gui designer, and an asp.net designer arent even started yet, but as far as editing text, creating projects, compiling, etc we are pretty solid. We are still having scalability issues with our text buffer, something we need to look into soon (potentially replacing bits and pieces of it with gtk-sourceview or something else, not really sure yet. Anyone who wants to step up to this task, you would be my personal saviour and I would send you at least a twonie in the mail (thats kanuckistanian for 2 dollars)). I have some really cool and interesting ideas for doing the gtk# gui designer (yay for C# attributes and reflection), but they have to wait a bit for some other stuff to get finished. A fellow mono hacker Ben Maurer (no, not gonzalo's screaming orangutan) has been doing some great great work on MD and has even learned about fun stuff like glade and the HIG to do it. I recommend that everyone who has *any* interest in this grab the latest sources and start hacking, we need more people working on this. :)

Music: I love music so much. However I try and escape it I can't, its just too much fun to listen too. My only problem is I get so damn hooked on albums, like right now my iPod has close to 30GB of music on it, and I end up listening to Thursday - War all the Time, Prick - The Wreckard and The Strokes - Room on Fire all the time. I need to get back into my habit of letting the damn thing pick music for me randomly.

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January 17, 2004

Lack of a preview release

Yeah, I know I said we would do one, but then I realized, why? The codebase changes so rapidly that things that looked like they wouldnt ever work 2 weeks ago work today. We just started porting about a month ago, and already we are doing pretty good. So why bother with a preview release? The source is available to anyone who wants to work with it, and soon we are going to be putting up a website and other stuff for the latest and greatest info.

We have come across some 'gotchas' with installing/running MD, things like, if you dont have ICU its like running into a brick wall really fast.

As always, with any project, grab the source, and send patches in, lets get this editor great in a short amount of time. We can always use your help, and your input :)

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January 14, 2004

Anonymous SVN Mirror

The anonymous mirror is up, you can find more info here

If you have any issues, post them up on the monodevelop list :)

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January 11, 2004


Well, work continues on MD at a brisk pace, not as brisk as a week ago as I'm back at work, pedro is as well, and jluke has school calling.

We just finished moving repos and ironing out some difficulties, and we are now hoping to setup some anonymous mirrors so we can get some people checking out our code and playing with it.

I finally got around to porting the Find dialog today, which was nice, good to finally get my hands back in code and out of damn mailing list webadmin pages and other trivial yet important stuff regarding our migration and setup

Hopefully tomorrow we can finish out the anonymous repo and get some addresses out to you guys :)

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January 10, 2004


<prencher> update the damn blog
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January 06, 2004

updated news from the void

We aren't looking for webspace, as we have that under control, and we dont really need a lot of web development. the MonoDevelop site is going to look exactly like the go-mono.com site, and be very similar in terms of upkeep (static html). We are looking for someone to make some nice content, pretty images, customize everything a bit, etc. If you are still interested, let me know :)

And anonymous readonly svn mirrors are desperately needed still :)

Now, we have a Bugzilla component setup at bugzilla.ximian.com for all your bugfinding needs. Please at this point refrain from entering bugs like 'Search doesnt work' because we know that ;). However, if something looks like its been touched and messed with, and isnt working as it should, please report that :)

We also have 2 new email lists from the lovely ximian guys, one that is a general list, and the other that records commits to our svn repository. You can sign up from here.

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News from the void

Well, no new screenshots but two requests

One: We need someone to do a bit of web work for MonoDevelop, as I don't really have the time, and we need some web stuff done.

Two: We are looking at changing our repo setup, so we are also looking for anyone able to provide anonymous read only mirrors of the repository. We can work out syncing arrangements and everything else on a case by case basis.

If anyone is interested, please email me or post a comment here.

Hopefully we can get a nice website up with lots of screenshots and info real soon.

Tomorrow I will give some info regarding a bugzilla setup and some mailing lists we are in the process of getting going :)

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January 01, 2004

Hello, my name is Simon

Late night screenshots


That pretty IconList was created by #mono's own nricciar, no gnome dep yet

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