December 31, 2003

The Start

Well, the year is almost over, and its time to start a new one. Most people get kinda retrospective at this point, but I normally get particularly forward looking (good, awkward english says what?). I can't wait for next year, there will be lots and lots of great stuff happening.

MonoDevelop will surely and absolutely have a preview release within the first couple weeks. Hopefully soon I can post a couple screenshots, project support, some option menus, the brand spankin new HtmlControl using gtkmozembed-sharp. Lots of other major improvements.

We are really close to being able to use MonoDevelop to develop itself, or eating our own dog food :)

I will try and get those screenshots up tomorrow at some point, or early into the weekend ;)

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December 28, 2003

Turn around?

no explanation needed, enjoy :)

Update: Apparently a bit of explanation is needed. There is no release, its just a pretty picture. There will be a release soon, but trust me, the codebase is not really usable yet. I still use vim to edit these files, we won't be making a release until we use #D itself. You will know beyond any shadow of any doubt when we do release, I'm talking fireworks, worldwide primetime tv spots, movie trailers, millions of dollars of internet hype advertising. So if the question 'Did you release something' has to be asked, the answer is most likely no :)

And no, this isnt directed at any one person, just figured explaining once is better than explaining 200 times :)

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December 27, 2003

We both want to...

I have a new favourite thing in the world

Really really really loud music, like eardrum bursting bleeding inner ear, loud

I have always had a huge love for music, and purchasing this iPod has made it even worse, I turn it off to shower, answer phone calls, and attend boring business meetings (god, I wish the last wasn't true...). There is little more empowering than listening to good loud music all day long. The ability to conjure up 40GB of music at a touch makes me feel better than it should, a lot better ;) [Don't worry you MonoDevelop news starved people, I will get to it after a bit more noise]

Jackson, famed Mono hacker and victoria bc [sl/h]acker public enemy #1, has turned me on to one of the most horrible and yet amazingly stimulating habits of all time. Go to livejournal (No, i wont link) and click on the Random button.

I have discovered that 90% of those blogs fit into one of the three following types:

  • Diary blogs by middle school preteen girls about flowers, hand holding, puppies, and how hard Ms Green's math test was.
  • Black on black content about how being so goth your heart stopped beating when you came out of the womb is the coolest thing since sliced bread.
  • A blog that I don't understand because its in one of the many languages Duncan knows that I don't (how was I supposed to know taking 4 years of Latin would leave me only able to converse with people dead for 2000 years and Catholic priests).

Now, I feel like the last category of blog is most likely the ones that contain the best info, because I really can't stand the other ones. I am going to in my spare time start up a livejournal (oh the irony) that just links to horrible livejournals that scare me deeply. Not that any of that really matters, but I had to share this info with someone other than my dog.

Now, to MonoDevelop, work is amazing, we have toolbars, lots of functional menu items, status bar services running (makes the statusbar easy to use), lots and lots of pieces, its starting to all fall into place. The big item I know everyone wants is #1 on my hitlist now, I am going to nail code completion next. It will be like david vs. goliath, but I will prevail, and hopefully soon. We are looking to hopefully release a super amazingly broken alpha to you hungry users as soon as code completion is complete and a couple other loose ends are tied together.

Actually, it will be up to you, the reader/user/hacker/coder/etc as to when we release. We can either do a release soonish that will provide you a bit of a preview of what we are doing, where we are going, and how amazing it is, or we can hold off a bit and release a nicer version with project support and a lot of the other IDEy things we all expect. I can't give a timeframe for either release, but I'll let you people make the call, just give me an idea of the general feel via comments here, email, irc, however.

PS - Happy New Year

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December 24, 2003

pictures are worth a thousand lines of code

I promised pictures soon, so here is a holiday gift for all of you out there

Keep in mind, that although this looks not much different than the other day's screenshots, we are now running under a ported SharpDevelop framework, so we have lots of other thing running behind the scenes, like a Parser, lots of l18n stuff (see that menu, its fully localized as much as SharpDevelop is) and tons more.

Back to hacking :)

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December 20, 2003

Nothing to see here

Except proof that jackson's timestamping is wack

PS, if you know someone in victoria who will beat him up for money, let me know :)

PPS, this is a joke if you dont realize it yet

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December 19, 2003

updates all around, the kind that make you feel fuzzy inside

I feel like I have to provide a bit of an addendum on my previous blog entry so that people don't get the wrong impression. In no way am I insinuating that women in general are more of a pain than they are worth. I do see myself at some point and settling down with a woman, getting married, maybe having kids, all that noise (although, this thought may be a bit unsettling to people who know me :P ). Neither am I insinuating that my particular ex wasn't worth it, because she was, we had a lot of fun, but it was time, and that is just how things work.

Now that I have that out of the way, a bit more MonoDevelop fun.

Work is continuing at a briskish pace, we have moved on a bit from focusing solely on the text editing widget to attempting to get the entire framework working.

Currently most of the core and base stuff is ported, but it was sloppy porting, basically comment out until it compiles :)

The main #D StartUp .exe will run, and it dies at the end because the Workspace Autostart commands are not yet implemented, however, that is the next step.

Most likely the screenshot pretty picture part of our development will be pretty silent for a while, but it will have a pretty nice comeback when we get this all going.

Oh, and jackson's timestamps are junk, lets all fly to victoria and fix his tech :)

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December 18, 2003

No pretty pictures, just funny words

Now, when I started this blog, I decided every once and a while I would do a spot piece on someone that I felt was very important to the Mono project, and wasnt getting the recognition that they deserved. I have been a bit lax in maintaining this goal, but here I go again :)

Unlike most of my blog enteries that concern themselves with pretty pictures of MonoDevelop, or of bits and pieces of Mono I'm working on, this one focuses more on what I will call, a division of time issue.

Obviously people are limited in what they can do, and how much time they can spend doing it. This is no secret. What is interesting is that some people are able to do more than others in the same time, and other people work best under pressure of a deadline or other constraints. I find that I work best when I'm in a relatively decent mood and have a deadline looming in the distant future, too close and you can get panicked, too far and it doesnt seem important yet.

For the past couple months (the last week or two excluded) the amount of time I have been able to spend on mono projects has been near nothing, however in the last two weeks I have been able to dedicate much more time to what I love. I would assume that has been fairly obvious by the amount of time I have spent blogging and showing pretty pictures.

So, without any futher noise, I bring you my second Unsung Hero of Mono, my ex-girlfriend Natasha.

She and I broke up a bit ago, and I must say it was as mutual as these things come, I left the relationship fairly pleasantly and without too many histrionics (spelling?). Since we broke up, I have been able to do so much more with my time, including rounding off some gac stuff, getting the MonoDevelop project up off the ground, and spending more time playing catch with my dog. All of which are very important to me.

And before anyone takes this entry as a dig on her, please recognize that it is not, and was never intended to be. It is just a statement of fact, Mono is not my fulltime job (I wish), and job + girlfriend + sleep leaves less time for Mono than I would like. When you subtract girlfriend from the equation, Mono gets more attention, after all, the similarities between a big coding project and a girlfriend are greater than it might appear at first glance.

And for those of you addicted to pretty pictures, don't worry I hope to have some more for you soon, thanks to Natasha :)

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December 17, 2003

Meaner than a wet cat

Eyecandy says what?

Seriously though, this is going better than anyone expected, pedro is the man, an amazing amount of work, seriously amazing.

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December 15, 2003

pretty please

Well, we have decided to port the #D text editor to Gtk#/Gdk#. And we have made some amazing progress in the last couple of days. Mostly due to pedro of Sky-NET fame.

Here is a screenshot for those of you who love eyecandy:

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December 12, 2003

My long lost love: Music

Well, I havnt blogged in a while, been a bit busy I guess.

I recently purchased an iPod and I must say, it is the single greatest purchase I have ever made, bar none. I love using it, and everything about it. Yesterday I was able to get it hooked up under Linux and gtkpod working perfectly. It was a bit difficult given that my iPod is a hfsplus formatted drive, and since I already had 23GB of music on it, the desire to format to vfat and use it like that did not exist. I was however able to get it working, thanks to the new hfsplus support in the kernels, ieee1394 support, and the mac partition table support. It is so neat :)

On the mono coding front, the gacutil.exe is mostly feature complete, and an icall is in place to support *your* gac location. right now its $PREFIX/lib/mono/gac/. Hopefully we can get the runtime support in place soonish, and mebbe the 0.30 release will be our first gac enabled release. No promises though.

A bit of speculative work is being done on a Gtk# IDE, right now its purely tenative and design work, lots of investigation, not so much code. We are shopping around for the best solution that will provide you with the best ide possible. If you are interested in getting involved in anyway, let me know via email, or catch me on irc, or whatever. I'll also try and post some docs and info up here as it becomes available.

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