March 03, 2007


This is a bit belated, but congrats to the guys over at Medsphere for open sourcing their product.

A long time ago (it feels like lifetimes), I took a job at Medsphere to work on porting a Java MUMPS VM to C#. After completing a proof of concept port, Steve and I felt like it would be a better use of my skillset to port the existing (crappy) CPRS gui to a modern toolkit/language and make it crossplatform at the same time.

Eventually that project turned into a product, and we built a small team around it. I still feel like I know more about USER,PHYSICIAN and parsing ^ delimited fields than I ever would need to.

However, as Christian points out, shit at Medsphere got pretty rough for a while, and I bailed far before it even got real nasty.

Regardless of all that, kudos to the people doing the real work (Anthony, Brad, Peter, Jon) (sorry for leaving any of you newer people out :) ) for getting this out, and sticking with one of the most interesting software projects I have ever heard of.

Posted by tberman at March 3, 2007 06:38 PM