30 April 2002
Alasdair found a wee

Alasdair found a wee bit of a typo in a previous entry. Shame fills me. (Not as much shame as about the whole GreyMagic thing, mind. I don't know who should be shamed in all that, exactly, but there's something shameful going on.)

Theodore played a great game last night, stealing another one -- and the series -- for the Canadiens. Joe will be mildly despondent, I'm sure. (Hope Toronto can finish the job tonight.)

I wasted a pile of time over the last few days instrumenting the JS engine's stack usage. Here's a tip: don't instrument "lowest usage at end of stack allocation", because it's always zero. Duh.

I hope we can wrestle our money out of the savings account in time to pay taxes. They have a daily limit on transfers to the other, cheque-writable, account, which may cause some consternation. (And where the hell are my remittance forms?)

Odd spacing on that top line, I see now; an interaction with small-caps and links, or something. Ah well, we have bigger bugs to worry about.

Tuesday's conclusion: tax payment rescued from ING; cat retrieved from vet; GreyMagic bug fix produced by darin; nyi defeated excitingly by tor. Generally goodness. Tomorrow, I have to find a moving company to give me an estimate on a move to San Diego, help Asa trim the RC2 fix list, refill my prescription, call into the mozilla.org staff meeting (I should really update that blurb) and maybe find a good introductory paper on modelling ecologies in software (just simple population/food/predator/prey/migration stuff to start). If any of my thirty-odd loyal readers have tips on moving companies or appropriately-basic ecology modelling papers, please let me know.

GOBBLES!, and good night.

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29 April 2002
While tweaking my style

While tweaking my style stuff last night, I wrestled with a bug in Mozilla related to position: fixed and link-hover cursors, which might be a variant of 83111. This morning, of course, I can't reproduce it. Bah. Also, humbug.

Let's not talk about last night's game, OK?

I will try to be an un-idiot today and check in the fix for 124335, which I should have done last week some time. Also 128335. I should probably invoice, too.

Taxes. Egad. I don't have all the forms I need (still nothing from my RRSP people, alarmingly), so I'm going to make a back-of-the-napkin estimate of how many thousands of dollars I'm going to owe CCRA, and send a cheque. I'll file soon, I hope, but this way I won't be assessed interest on said many thousands. If I squint right, that almost looks like a small victory.

Update: talked to Den(n)is, my godly accountant, and discovered that I don't need to file until June 15th, because I'm self-employed. Of course, the interest clock starts ticking on Wednesday morning, so you really have to do most of the work up front. In my case, it actually works out OK, because I know about what the deductions are, I just need to round up the paperwork. So Tyla's shuffling money around, and tomorrow I get to write some huge cheques. I shoulda moved to Alberta.

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28 April 2002
Cottage cleaning was successful,

Cottage cleaning was successful, and pretty pleasant. We started off on the right foot by gorging ourselves on steak, sweet peas, asparagus, St. André, and cheesecake. After such fortification, we were undaunted by a few loads of laundry, light vacuuming, or even resetting of mouse traps.

I got to finish Hominids and introduce George to Dungeon Siege, so there was some moving forward of culture as well. I'm quite looking forward to smrt, which I now think must include some big-screen DS action, courtesy of the S-Video outputs on my and phil's laptops. smrt will of course be boozerific, due in no small part to the cottage salvage. Mmmm.

Hominids micro-review: pretty good, as one of course expects from Sawyer. The "wounded protagonists" angle wasn't as heavily played as in many of his other books, perhaps in part because there were several "main" characters. I still think that Calculating God is my favourite from him, but we'll see what he does with the rest of the trilogy. Certainly worth a read.

Later, tor @ nyi, wherein the evil Yanquis will be vanquished by our heroes, sans Sundin though they may be.

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17 April 2002
Today, I begin a

Today, I begin a web log. Thanks to phil for the templates and PHPery. I promise I'll look less like your diary soon.

Tyla and I cleaned the house today. Up at 0730, house in showable state by 1130, when Jacques brought the first prospective renters by. I wish I'd taken pictures of before, because it was really quite, uh, wrong. It took a lot of gall (enough to be divided into three parts, really) to admit it to Tyla, but I wish we'd done this months ago.

As soon as this hockey game is over, Tyla and George and I are going to pop off to the cottage, for one last visit. And more cleaning, natch. Adam wants to leave the futon there; the rest of us think that asking the owner might be a good plan. Update: MTL 2 BOS 1, though it was really Theodore's game.

Negotiations with Sony continue (that web site is not entirely un-ass-like; I swear the game is cooler). More information about their compensation plan was enough to have me whittle salary down a little bit. Mario has been an absolute dream to deal with; I wish everyone in this business were as frank and reasonable.

Tyla's still done with her degree, we think. Her prof told her that he'd marked the last assignment, but didn't bother to tell her the mark. There is still a mathematical possibility that she didn't pass her course, it seems, though we tend not to talk about it a lot.

At the cottage, I'm going to work some more on instrumenting the JS engine, to reduce the amount of churn in js_AllocRawStack a bit. Also, I think I'll play a bit of Dungeon Siege.

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