djembe Tutorial

This page explains my beginings in djembe. It just explains my experience and im not an expert so take it as is. i hope it may help a reader.


According to me, music is composed of only 2 things: sound and silence. The silence is the delay between the sounds. It is often overseen but it is as important as the sound. It is even more visible in percussion. To be able produce a silence of the desired length requires a good time perception. I find it harder to learn than sound as it is more void. Silence would an absence, sound more an presence and the interaction between the two is music. The simplicity is only apparent, even people who play djembe for more than 20 years still improve their sound and silence.

Random advices


sounds are produced by the vibration of air. On a djembe, it is the vibration of the skin and the box. Nevertheless as the box is much more rigid that the skin, the vibration of the box has less influence on the sound.

The sound of the djembe by the hand hitting it. The main componants of a sound are:


Beyond this point, the page is mostly notes in progress, hardly readable.

Various exercices

How to make a tone