Cassis is free software used to manipulate (including rudimentary backup and restore) databases on Research in Motion®'s popular BlackBerry™ series of handheld computers. Version 0.1 was released on 27 August 2001, and is intended for developers and those interested enough in the serial protocol to use user-unfriendly software.

After downloading, please read the README. It contains lots of important information about Cassis' license, dependencies, usage, and warnings. This is software that might destroy data, so take it seriously. Make backups of your databases with other software if you value that data.

Cassis is derived from, and was used in part to verify, the incomplete BlackBerry serial protocol description paper. Although it's a work-in-progress, it's the only document about this subject that I'm aware of.

Please send feedback--about Cassis or the paper--to the address below.

Thanks for your interest. Click here to download Cassis 0.1